Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my order?

Ebooks and audiobooks are delivered by email from my distributor, BookFunnel. The email will be sent as soon as the purchase is completed (Check your spam/junk folder as it may have gone in there). 

You can go to and use your email as your login name to see all the books you've purchased.

We strive to ship print books within 48 hours of receiving an order. 


Can I read on my E-reader?

Bookfunnel allows you to send the ebooks to your preferred e-reader or app via email. It is a fairly simple process. If you have any issues, you can reach out to BookFunnel at and they are ready and willing to assist you.

For the audiobooks, the best way to enjoy them is directly through the BookFunnel app. At this time, we do not allow downloads of the audiobooks as this makes them easier to pirate. The BookFunnel app is easy and free.


Is there a specific order to read the Northern Lakes Mystery series?

The books can be read out of sequence, but readers are encouraged to start with the first book, Figure Eight, as that sets a lot of the background for John Cabrelli. Learn more about the book sequence here.


Can I return products?

Feet Wet Writing accepts returns for paperback and hardcover books, as long as they are in new, unread condition and not inscribed. Contact us to learn more. Digital products are not returnable.


What do I do if the codes have expired?

When you purchase digital products, BookFunnel sends a download code and you have 14 days to download the book before the code expires. Don’t worry, even if you miss this deadline, you have the books forever. Reach out to BookFunnel at to request new code or go to and use your email to login. There you will find all the books you have purchased under that email. 


How do I contact Jeff Nania?

If you need anything, reach out to our team at